“As it is…”

“Abiding in emptiness,

Resting in naturalness,

Dwelling in awareness.

Life and death an ordinary moment.

No gate.”

Emptiness, being the realization that all things are without independent self nature.

Naturalness, being the mind neither grasping nor averting.

The ordinary moment being, “just this”.

No gate, being entering practice right where you are, here and now.

With all good intentions we sometimes practice so hard, with such great focus and desire for understanding that we miss the simplicity of embodying the point of practice. Which may be, simply being exactly as we are, in this humanness; this is where we are enlightened. The more we can relax into this, the more effortless is our practice.

Jitsudo Roshi told us this story; Maezumi Roshi, who’s English was not great used to say “Things as it is!”. He was once corrected by someone telling him “Roshi, the proper English is “Things as they are“. Maezumi Roshi replied’ “Not that! Things as it is!”. The difference in using the words ‘are or ‘is’ is significant. ‘Are’ implies the existence of a stayed or permanent nature of things, ‘Is’ implies the unceasing movement of change (or impermanence), effortlessly embraced. When Maezumi Roshi chose the word ‘Is‘ he embraces “Form is emptiness. Emptiness is form”.

Instead of trying so hard, we can remember to “try easy”. At any time of our day we can notice our monkey-mind striving to elaborate ‘what is’ conceptually and with a single breath, gently notice that conceptual striving, watch it evaporate and spacious awareness arises effortlessly.

Deep peace, great love

& easy does it,

Issan. & Zenho

Schedule July 10-16

Monday 6:30am, Zazen at the Tea House

Tuesday 6:30am, Zazen at the Tea House

Tuesday 7pm, Dream Koan, at the Tea House or zoom

Wednesday 6:30am, Zazen at the Tea House or zoom

Thursday 6:30am, Green Tara Sadhana at the Tea House or zoom, Dokusan with Issan Sensei

Friday 6:30am, Zazen at the Tea House, Dokusan with Zenho Sensei

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