The Ten Grave Precepts conclude with (10) I take up the way of not slandering the Three Treasures. (Buddha, Dharma, Sangha) I ask you, “Why is this the culminating precept?” _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Case 33 of The Book of Equanimty Sansheng said to Xuefebg “The golden carp is out of the net! Tell me, what will it feedContinue reading “BETTER TO DRINK TO OBLIVION”


The Perfection of Wisdom Mother of All Buddhas Happy Mother’s Day! Prajnaparamita means the (paramita) perfection of (prajna) wisdom. The manifestation of parajnaparamita is the Goddess known as the Mother Of All Buddhas. In Mahayana Buddhism, wisdom is considered the supreme paramita. The ancient and volumonous Prajnaparamita Sutra dates back to 100BCE. The Diamond SutraContinue reading “PRAJNAPARAMITA”