Together, let’s congratulate Victor on his recent Jukai ceremony!

Zenho Sensei has given him the name HuoHua NuHuo, which translates to “Fire Clears Anger”.

I am aware of quite a few of our sangha members who are currently or soon-to-be engaged in Jukai and Tokudo ceremonies. We are so very happy about this!

We hope to schedule some group study sessions for Jukai ceremonies which you are encouraged to attend. It is also very helpful to coordinate your rakusu sewing times and to form an occasional “sewing circle” when working on your rakusu. It was challenging for me and help was deeply appreciated. Some sangha members are accomplished at this type of work. The job of sewing your rakusu will yield unimagined benefits for you!

I would like to offer some upcoming posts on Jukai and the Precepts that are important understandings for us to hold as we move toward our ceremonies. I heartily recommend you read the ZCLA Jukai Seminar Workbook. If you’d like a copy please let me know.

Here is an introductory article by Diane Eshin Rizzetto about Jukai.

This is what Gempo Merzel, Sensei says in the Zen Center of Los Angeles Jukai Seminar Workbook:

“Jukai is a formal way of recognizing and being recognized as what we really are. It’s saying to the world, “Okay, I am taking the name and putting it on the rakusu and formally becoming a member of the sangha because I already feel it inside. I feel I’m already a person who’s following the path of enlightenment, and I want to formally recognize that commitment, that state of being, and have other people recognize it too.”

Jukai means; JU – To take, receive, accept. KAI – Precepts (in Sanskrit Sila).

To take Jukai is to reveal or embody the precepts.

We take these precepts and practice because we are enlightened.

Vows are a natural outgrowth of out desire to clarify and appreciate our life. Our own vows help to strengthen our practice and give us an opportunity to actualize our desire.

To study the precepts is a chance to study the cause and effect of our actions.

What are the steps to taking Jukai?

  1. Make clear your intentions to your teacher.
  2. Study the Jukai seminar workbook.
  3. Be as active in attendance and services (in person) as you possibly can. Make your commitment at this time to make your practice vigorous!
  4. Sew your rakusu (You can get the kit and instructions here from Liz Fox.)
  5. Discuss Jukai with your teacher and attend any training or study sessions offered.
  6. After your teacher has agreed to your Jukai and your rakusu is completed, ask about setting a date for your ceremony.
  7. There is Jukai dana that is made directly to your teacher.

There is a vibrant and loving energy about the sangha of late! It is so wonderful to feel this and we know that Jitsudo is smiling pleasantly as he observes our blossoming!

Deep Peace, Great Love,

Issan. & Zenho

Please make time for our ZENKAI weekend August 27 & 28.

Schedule, 7/24-7/30

Monday and Tuesday 6:30 AM: Zazen at the Tea House with Scott opening.

Tuesday: 7 PM, Dream Koan, at the Tea House or zoom

Wednesday: 6:30 AM, Zazen at the Tea House or zoom, with Zenho Sensei

Thursday: 6:30 AM, Vajrakilaya Sadhana, At the Tea House or zoom. Dokusan with Issan Sensei.

Friday: 6:30 AM, Zazen at the Tea House or zoom. Dokusan with Zenho Sensei.

Vast is the robe of liberation!

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