Sangha Day, Saturday, May 14

Dearest Sangha,

We have made it to the other side of a great pandemic. Congratulations to each and all. We believe the pandemic has been an incredible stressor, in ways imagined and unimagined, for all of us. Not least of which was the difficulty in gathering.

Now that restrictions are easing a bit, we want to get together for a Day of Sangha.  Saturday May 14. We envision a day of sitting together, working together on the Zendo, sharing food together, a Fusatsu ceremony, and a Sangha Council meeting. Without Sangha, there is no Zen, no enlightenment. The topic that we suggest for Council is “My Relationship in Our Sangha.”

We ask that if you consider yourself a sangha member that you please make this day your priority. Make the necessary arrangements to be present for your fellow members and friends.  We are a very small sangha, and this fact alone is intimate.

We’ll be posting a few articles on this blog and sincerely wish that you read them, beginning with the previous post about Sangha.

Growing our awareness of commitment and togetherness, as one heart, is our aspiration together.

We chant the Heart Sutra regularly. We ask you this: Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva and Shariputra are mentioned by name in the Sutra. So who is speaking? And what does this have to do with Sangha?

8 Deep Bows

Issan and Zenho

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