March 30-April 10

Dear Sangha,

Sorry to have missed my usual Sunday post.

It’s said, “No coming and going” so I guess I was “Not coming and going” back and forth to Houston.

Since I’m traveling again next week I’ll post through next Sunday.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Sangha and came across this interesting article on Lion’s Roar, by Thay. What we are is one another, truly, and what we cherish is manifest by the way we engage with it.

Deep Peace,


Thursday: Green Tara Sadhana, ZOOM ONLY

Friday: Zazen, Tea House with Victor opening

Monday: Zazen, Tea House with David Opening

Tuesday: Dream Koan, Tea House or ZOOM

Wednesday: Zazen, Tea House or ZOOM

Thursday: Vajrakilaya Sadhana, Tea House or ZOOM

Friday, Zazen, with Victor Opening

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