Feb. 27-Mar. 5

Green Tara

Dear Sangha,

Hope everyone is doing well.

Time for a little art history in honor of our Green Tara Sadhana practice this week!

Check out this amazing painting we encountered when visiting our friends from Nepal in Tucson this year. It’s by a Newari/Nepalese master. It is the Green Tara. It’s done in the Newari style, a Nepalese style of thangka painting that clearly shows the Chinese “mountains and river” school influence in the way the landscape is handled in the image.

Newari artists are renowned throughout Asia for the high quality of their workmanship. In certain periods, their style had tremendous influence on the art of Tibet and China. The combination of Tibetan art made in the traditional Newari way has been acknowledged to create beautiful and intriguing masterpieces.

Newari paintings are commonly kept in museums and private collections in the West and Asia. There are only a handful of genuine painters left, who can draw in this way, as it requires perfecting both Tibetan painting technique and Newari painting style. Hence, Newari style paintings are rarely reproduced nowadays and have near enough become extinct.

Here’s this week’s schedule:

Tuesday, 7PM (MST), Dream Koan

Wednesday, 6:30 (MST)AM, Zazen

Wednesday, 5PM (MST, 7PM EST) Last chance to join the ZPI Dream Koan Workshop

Thursday, 6:30AM (MST), Green Tara Sadhana, “A Garland of Gems Granting All Wishes”

Please let us form our intentions for peace for our sisters and brothers in Ukraine, and of Russia, who suffer as well.

“All Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Mahasattvas, dakinis and dharmapalas, yogins and yoginis and sacred Goddesses, together with all sentient beings, we lift our hearts to transform ignorance, violence and suffering. May healing, peace and awakening prevail for all beings equal to space throughout the the three times and the six dharma worlds. Maha Prajna Paramita”

love in the dharma,

Issan & Zenho

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