Here’s what’s going on Jan 30-Feb 5

Greetings Friends,

Happy Lunar New Year! (Tuesday)

Hope you can join us online this week. Links for Wednesday and Thursday are on the site as usual.

All times are Mountain Time.

No Dream Koan this week.

We will be offering ONLINE ONLY for the following:

Tuesday 6:30 AM Lunar New Year, Samantabhadri/Samantabhadra Aspiration Prayer Recitiation. Here’s the special Zoom Link:

Wednesday 6:30 AM ZAZEN

Thursday 6:30 AM Green Tara Sadhana, A Garland of Gems Granting All Wishes

Issan and Zenho will be in Tucson this week. It’s our annual trip to the Gem Show and it is full of not only gems, but beautiful Buddhas from all over the world!

Deep peace & love to all beings.

One of so many Buddha pavillions in Tucson

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